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英国患癌女孩获准冰冻遗体 期待200年后复活

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本文摘要:A British girl who died after a terminal illness won the right to have her body frozen in an unprecedented ruling, the High Court said on Friday.英国高等法院11月18日透漏,一名因绝症而去世的英国女孩取得了死后冷藏遗体的获准,这是一次史无前例的判决。


A British girl who died after a terminal illness won the right to have her body frozen in an unprecedented ruling, the High Court said on Friday.英国高等法院11月18日透漏,一名因绝症而去世的英国女孩取得了死后冷藏遗体的获准,这是一次史无前例的判决。The 14-year-old girl from London had written to a judge explaining she wanted a chance to live longer after suffering from a rare form of cancer.这个14岁的伦敦女孩曾给一名法官写信给,回应她期望在患上少见癌症之后,有机会“真是幸一些”。She had researched and decided to undergo cryonics, the process through which peoples bodies are frozen in the hope they will be brought back to life with the help of future medical advancements.她生前研究了人体冷藏法,并要求将它付诸实践。

这项技术把人的身体冰冻一起,以期未来先进设备的医疗技术能使亡者重生。I am only 14-years-old and I dont want to die but I know I am going to die, she wrote to the judge.“我现在才14岁,我想杀,但我告诉我别无选择。”她在信中写到。

I think being cryo-preserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up -- even in hundreds of years time.“我想要冷藏法能给我一个康复和苏醒的机会,即使有可能是在几百年之后。”The girl launched legal action to request that her mother, who supported the childs wishes, be the only person allowed to make decisions about the disposal of her body.这个女孩通过法律诉讼拒绝她的母亲沦为唯一一个有权在她死后处理遗体的人,她的母亲反对女儿冷藏遗体的心愿。Her parents are divorced and the teenagers father initially objected to his daughters plan.她的父母再婚,父亲最初不表示同意女儿的这个点子。Judge Peter Jackson ruled in the girls favour in October following a private hearing at the High Court of England and Wales in London.在伦敦的英格兰和威尔士高等法院举办了一次不开庭审理之后,十月,法官彼得.杰克逊作出了判决,女孩如愿以偿。

The girl was too ill to attend the hearing and has since died, with her remains being taken to the United States and cryogenically frozen.这个小姑娘当时已可怜无法参加审理,死后,她的遗体被送到美国冷藏了一起。US-based Cryonics Institute issued a statement saying that the teenager had arrived at their facility and packed in dry ice, at 5:00 pm on the 25th of October, approximately 8 days after death, becoming its 144th patient.美国的人体冷藏机构收到了一份声明,称之为女孩的遗体已被送往,且“于10月25日下午5点,丧生大约8天后,以干冰冻藏。

”这是该机构冷藏的第144位患者。Its minimum fee for cryopreservation is $28,000, according to its website, and The Times reported the cost to the girls family was $46,000. The case was not reported on before Friday in keeping with the wishes of the teenager, who also asked that no one involved be identified.根据该机构网站获取的信息,人体冷藏的低于费用是2.8万美元,而据《泰晤士报》报导,这个小女孩的家庭为此分担了4.6万美元。

为了认同女孩的心愿,此事件直到周五才新闻报导,同时她也不期望媒体公开发表任何参与者的身份。Jackson said his decision was based on the dispute between the girls parents and the best outcome for the childs welfare, not on the science itself, in what he described as an unprecedented ruling.杰克逊回应,他的判决是在聆听了女孩父母的争辩、考虑到了孩子的利益后作出的,并不是基于这项技术本身,他指出这是一个史无前例的判决。

It is no surprise that this application is the only one of its kind to have come before the courts in this country -- and probably anywhere else, he said.“没什么车祸,这有可能是英国唯一一封递交法庭的此类申请人,大约也是全世界唯一的”,他说道。It is an example of the new questions that science poses to the law -- perhaps most of all to family law, Jackson added.“科技的变革给法律体系明确提出了新问题,也许大部分是关于家庭法的,这就是一个例子。”杰克逊补足道。

The judge described the case as a tragic combination of childhood illness and family conflict, while praising the girl for the valiant way she approached the situation.根据法官的叙述,这个案例是少儿患病和家庭对立的“意外融合”,但女孩在面临这种境遇时展现出出有的勇气十分令人钦佩。In her letter to the judge, the 14-year-old wrote:在递交法官的信里,这个十四岁的小姑娘写到:I dont want to be buried underground. I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up.“我想被挖出在地下。我想要死掉,想要活着得幸一些,我想要未来他们也许不会寻找医治这种癌症的法子,然后把我苏醒。

”I want to have this chance. This is my wish.“我想这个机会。这就是我的心愿。”The girls solicitor, Zoe Fleetwood, said her client had called Jackson her hero after being told of the courts decision shortly before her death on October 17.女孩的律师佐伊.弗利特伍德说道,小女孩于10月17日去世了,杀前不久她获知了法院的判决,她实在杰克逊是她的“英雄”。

By October 6, the girl knew that her wishes were going to be followed. That gave her great comfort, she told BBC Radio 4. For the last eight years of her life the teenager had not had face-to-face contact with her father, who raised his concerns about the costs and consequences of his daughter being frozen.“10月6号,小女孩获知她的心愿将构建。这给了她很大的恳求。”她告诉他BBC广播四台。

去世前的八年里,女孩都没和父亲面对面交流过,这位父亲曾很忧虑冷藏遗体的费用和有可能导致的后果。Even if the treatment is successful and she is brought back to life in, lets say, 200 years, she may not find any relative and she might not remember things, he was said to have told Jackson.“假如200年以后她被医治了,苏醒过来了,但她有可能去找将近任何亲戚,也有可能丧失了所有记忆。

”据信父亲是这样对杰克逊说道的。The fathers position however shifted during the case, saying that he respected his daughters decision.但他后来转变了观点,回应认同女儿的自由选择。